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Admission for Academic Year 2023/2024

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Brilliant Minds School family. BMS receives many students during admissions and each of them is shown fair and equal consideration, but, alas, it is not possible to accept everyone who applies.

We have provided details of the steps and procedures of the admission process below, in hopes to make the process transparent and pleasant.

We hope to get the chance to meet and welcome you in person.


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  • First consideration is given to those students who already have siblings registered in the school.

  • Second consideration is given to students who apply from schools which offer similar academic programmes or follow a similar academic syllabus.

  • Third consideration is given to students with the most academic ability keeping in mind space availability and the date when the application was first processed.

  • All other considerations may or may not play a major role in the admission process depending on the individual case.


  1. Fill the online application

  2. Get confirmation that application is received.

  3. Receive a call from the Admission Office to schedule assessment date.

  4. Schedule family interview (Both parents MUST attend).

  5. Await acceptance call within 10 business days from family interview date.

Upon receiving the acceptance call, a deposit will be required along with required documents (listed below) within seven business days of receiving the acceptance call to secure the students place.​

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Asset 9_4x.png
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Documents are only required when the student has received the call informing that he/she is accepted.

Required documents are as follows:

  1. Original birth certificate – computer generated

  2. Eight recent passport-size photos of student.

  3. Copy of mother and father's ID (National Number)

  4. Copy of mother and father's university degree.

In case the student is transferring from a school within Egypt, you are required to present all the above mentioned documents in addition to the following:

  1. Attendance statement or success report for last academic year stamped by the Educational District.

  2. Transfer request (4 copies) stamped from both the school the student is transferring from and the Educational District.

  3. Electronic transfer request from previous school.

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