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How it Started

The STEAM curriculum has been student centered, and dynamic since the first year, 2016/2017. Our students have come from different backgrounds and with variation & discrepancy in required skills for research and project-making.


Thus, each year, the curriculum has been personalized. First, we started building an equal base for students with minor projects that are interdisciplinary. The result has been students with basic soft skills; team work, research, presentation skills... etc.

STEAM Growth

The following years the students have been challenged with advanced, per-term, larger projects. These projects were chosen to encourage inquiry and research, integrity, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, and critical reasoning.

STEAM Projects to Develop Skills

The BMS STEAM Department has given our students a challenge: make creative projects using cardboard and other recyclable materials to address environmental themes and local issues. This challenge has been growth experience for our BMSers. The skills they learned surpass the information they absorbed in importance. They've become team players, each one knowing and fulfilling their different roles while helping their teammates, knowing it brings their team closer to success. They've become more confident speakers, explaining their ideas and impressions to external judges the same as they do with their familiar colleagues and teachers. 
All BMSers' hard work, struggles and efforts have paid off at the exhibition of their creativity in the STEAM department's Earth Day: Cardboard Challenge. And they have made us all proud!

Go Green STEAM Project

BMS is trying to explore its rooftop to give more opportunities for students to play, learn, and be part of helping our evironment go green.Our BMSers took environmental issues a step further this year. Their focus has been on growing and packaging organic crops with as little waste as possible. So they planted and nurtured a variety of fruits and vegetables using hydroponic systems and harvested them in recyclable packaging. 

Their teachers skillfully integrate the green roof into their existing curriculum. BMS students participate in different classes: Art, Math,STEAM, ICT and computer science, engineering, and technology to explore with their teachers life experiences and real learning.

KG Curriculum

BMS KG breaktime fun and exercise!

Learning through Play!

While following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) standards, BMS wants to make KG students unaware that they are working and learning. Most of what they learn will be through exploration inside and outside the classroom, engaging interactive stories, and other fun activities.

Playing is essential for students’ development. It builds their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems, and relate to others. Children learn by leading their own play, and by taking part in play which is guided by adults.

Our curriculum develops:

  • Fine motor skills

  • Gross motor skills

  • Social skills

  • Cognitive & Problem-solving skills

BMS KG field trip to Egypt Air Flight Simulation
BMS Mommy Storytime: BMS moms visit their child's class to share their favorite story

Primary & Prep Curriculum

A STEAM-Minded education using the National Curriculum

In an effort to bring the best out of the national curriculum, BMS teachers enrigh their classes with activities that develop 21st century skills. Projects and group work are also essential to making lessons seem more relevant to a child's life outside school, making the knowledge more deeply understood.

For the core subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies & Religion) we follow national standards and supplement the curriculum with activities and projects. Teachers also compare curriculums across subjects to find opportunities for integrated/joined lessons. And all the similar knowledge are clarified even further in the Activity Lessons (ICT, Art, Music, P.E & STEAM)

Our curriculum develops:

  • 21st Century Skills

    • Communication

    • Creativity

    • Critical Thinking

    • Collaboration & Team work

  • Social skills

  • Cognitive & Problem-solving skills

In Brilliant Minds School, students have lessons in Arabic, English, as well as a second foreign language (French or German). We want our students to graduate with high proficiency levels, in all language skills. Our curriculums follow the European Framework of Reference for Languages in case of English and French/German, and national standards in the case of the mother-tongue Arabic.

  • Extra Language Activities per Skill:

    • Reading: Learning A-Z level books for separate reading sessions

    • Writing: Arabic Class Magazine (Primary Stage)

    • Listening & Speaking: Drama sessions, Spelling Bees

Language Programs

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