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Admission for Academic Year 2024/2025
has started!

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BMS Mission & Vision

Who Are We?

Brilliant Minds School (BMS) is a Mokattam-based national school. Founded in 2016, BMS could be considered relatively new among national schools, but with each year our achievements increase, and our dreams and ambitions grow.

Our Mission

BMS students will be well-rounded, ethical, lifelong learners who are well prepared for facing the 21st century career life, society and economy. They will be primed with academic requirements, knowledge, & skills for further postgraduate studies; a healthy respect for diversity; and an appreciation for their own cultures and personal histories.

Our Vision

To provide international-quality education in a national school by focusing on interdisciplinary, project-based learning while employing a STEAM approach, as well as enhancing the national curriculum by making it interdisciplinary and project-based.

BMS will demonstrate high levels of student academic achievement through highly qualified, professional educators, applying modern teaching techniques.

Student Profile

BMS Student  Characteristics

Knowledge and information are very accessible now with the internet at our finger-tips. Skills, whether functional or life skills, however, can't be found in articles online. They need to be nurtured into a student in order to become second nature by the time they graduate.

Our target at BMS is to develop our students' skills through dynamic curricula with varieties of activities and projects.

BMSers are...




Life-long Learners




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Logical Thinkers

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Technology Literate

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BMS High School 

The BMS High School Program is unique and just the education required to prepare secondary students for University and future careers. With the STEAM-inspired teaching, skill enhancing after-school courses and extra-curricular activities, as well as university counseling and coaching, the BMS high-school experience will set you for life.


BMS Academics

The BMS Academics is unique compared to most national schools in Cairo.

Our delivery of curriculums and activities are catered and designed by following international standards to best serve each stage.

Learn about the education that BMS provides for all its students.

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BMS E-Learning

Schools closing didn't stop the learning experience at BMS, quite the contrary!

The BMS E-learning experience has been a great chance for further creativity through long distance learning.

Discover how e-learning flourished and is transforming BMSers.

Coming Soon

BMS Partners & Protocols

The best way to enhance student benefit during their educational journey is to expand their community.

We take our students outside the school environment to add experiences that shape their skills and provide growth opportunities. 

Coming Soon
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